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With our heliports scattered across Europe, you can easily reach your destinations and save time

Gas Station

Fuel for your helicopter: kerosene, petrol. The quality is constantly monitored and controlled by an approved maintenance company.


Do you want to buy a helicopter or are you looking for spare parts for one? Please, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Heli Rental

Are you nearby, have a pilot's license and need a helicopter? No problem, contact us in good time and we will prepare an available helicopter for you.

Car Rental

We take care of your mobility! If you want to continue your journey by car, we have a suitable offer for you.


Would you like to reach more customers and let your message fly across Europe? Give us a call, we will place your advertising on the helicopter fuselage!

Our Heli Home

We will help you find the right solution!

With us you save time, do not forego the usual quality of service and can devote yourself entirely to your business, projects, leisure time, hobby or family.

Brands and Partners

We Closely Cooperate With Selected Brands to Ensure High Quality Services


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